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Welcome to Position Tracking Systems Inc.

Position Tracking Systems (PTS) is the exclusive manufacturer of the “Posi-Stop” floor and crown
protection system. With over 30 years of proven service, the Posi-Stop systems are used by
most major E&P drilling contractors and service rig operators.

PTS Inc. Products

PTS Inc. manufactures the “Posi-Stop” drilling and service rig crown and floor protection system, draw work braking systems and Sandline protection system.

All systems are RigsEye service compatible, provided by Studio 1493, to allow remote monitoring of drilling rigs.
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Because of the typical harsh conditions our products are exposed to, we offer repair services for all of our customers.

PTS Inc.’s shop can repair most damaged equipment at a lower cost than full replacement.


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PTS Inc. fully supports it’s products with onsite installation support, routine inspections and troubleshooting. Saluda Inc. is our authorized service provider for training and onsite technical support.

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