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About PTS

Posi-StopThe drilling industry has traditionally relied on mechanical systems to restrict movement of the traveling block within safe limits. These systems rely on operator actions to reset and maintain the safe operating limits. Failure of the operator to properly set up these mechanical systems often resulted in damage to the drill rig and personnel injury or even death.

PTS Inc. has provided floor and crown protection systems for over 30 years. Our systems are used by most major E&P drilling contractors and service rig operators.

Manufactured in the United States with proprietary design components to withstand the hostile working environment where drilling takes place. This purpose built system allows compact design and simple and quick installation on any rig. PTS also provides proprietary sandline system that eliminates the need for marking flags. PTS uses latest technology to allow data acquisition for analysis and transmission for remote monitoring.

The Posi-Stop was developed in the late 1970’s, after extensive research and engineering, to automatically provide safe operating limits and remove the requirement for the operator to manually set up and maintain the mechanical systems. The Posi-Stop was patented in 1982 based on a digital encoder that has since become an industry standard for other electronic systems used in the drilling industry.
The ease of use, cost effectiveness and increased safety provided by the Posi-Stop reflects the durability and reliability of this system, which is extensively used Worldwide.